Frozen Synapse 2 is a strategy game.

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Markov Geist -- An advanced futuristic city where highly intelligent AI known as Shapeforms exist.

Seven years ago, a paradigm AI known as Charon's Palm was destroyed and a powerful multi-municipal company Enyo:Nomad lost its hold of the city. Without a leading AI and an organization to control the city, the whole network started to fall apart --- An event known as the "Realisation". As factions no longer feel oppressed, they have begun seizing opportunities to take control of the city. Block by block, building by building, even subverting each other in a new open conflict. But now a new threat has emerged that may threaten the very existence of the city...

The former Tactician of Petrov's Shard -- Tactics -- returns to Markov Geist along with an old acquaintance Belacqua. They are contacted by Dominic Mettern, Chairman of the Markov Geist Municipal Council. He hires Tactics and grants them an organization to maintain peace in Markov Geist, but mainly to have them combat a new threat identified as 'Sonata.'

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  • This game was inspired by X-COM Apocalypse.[1]