The campaign is a series of single-player missions that together tell the story of the game.

There are 55 missions in total, usually occurring in sets of three per location. At the beginning of each chapter, the player is given a view of the map of Markov Geist, which then zooms in to the contested area. In this view, the player can read the continually updating news reel for in-game events, click on the portraits of available characters for a brief, one-sided discussion with them, read informational dossiers unlocked by progress through the campaign, or start the current operation.

List of missions Edit

  1. Incursion
  2. Massacre
  3. Extraction
  4. Incursion
  5. The Hack
  6. Assassination
  7. Incursion
  8. Clearance
  9. Broadcast
  10. Defend the Barracks
  11. Attack the Chapel
  12. Shape Projector Takedown
  13. Defend the Habitat
  14. Push Back
  15. Shape Purge
  16. Defend the Base
  17. Counter
  18. The Meeting
  19. The Lobby
  20. Second Floor
  21. The Corridor
  22. Break the Compound
  23. Security Takedown
  24. The Negotiation
  25. Gain Access
  26. Data Harvest
  27. Set up the Bomb
  28. First Encounter
  29. Steal the Plans
  30. Facility Takedown
  31. Blue Sunlight Raid
  32. Hostage Situation
  33. Emmanuel's Doubt
  34. Connection
  35. Stop the Charge
  36. The Shape Portal
  37. The Library
  38. Disrupt the Shape
  39. Fighting in the Square
  40. Hacking In
  41. Break the Vault
  42. Cashing In
  43. Clemens Square
  44. Rapid Takedown
  45. Protection
  46. Save Belacqua
  47. Reaching
  48. The Escape
  49. Incursion
  50. Courtyard
  51. Access Control
  52. The Corridor
  53. Ouroboros
  54. The Reversal
  55.  ?

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